Stop Polluting everywhere (as much as we can and not only the air)! We should do it NOW.

Hi again,

Stop Polluting today (and not only the air)!

Pollution is happening as we experience it each and every minute. Everywhere on Earth.

Check the news about pollution in Holland (learn Dutch? Don’t think you need that):

Here are a couple of images I made about the effect. The pier is being reinforced with bitume, the bitume breaks down and gets carried away into the sea. It leaves beautiful shapes and textures behind in that process. But it also shows clearly what we are doing to the local environment. This I think is happening everywhere and nobody would notice the beauty behing the horror – or rather the horror hiding behind normality.

From here, there is no going back to life as we expect it to develop. This is an image fixed in time of a dying and – very alive – process.

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Dear pollution – Nature culture – The fantastic tryptique – time 2
Port of IJmuiden, Holland
Dear pollution – The fantastic tryptique v2 – Limited edition (1-40)
© Prosper Jerominus 2021

This image is part of a serie of images about the theme of beautiful pollution

In good Dutch, some truth about local pollution from Tata Steel industry:

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