Videography Jerome Bertrand

Direction and production

Chandigarh vu par Lucien Hervé (film) 

Chandigarh vu par Lucien Hervé (official poster, 2013)
Chandigarh vu par Lucien Hervé (official poster, 2013)

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Adaptation from the video installation of the same name produced by Kinokast in 1993 and directed by Jérome Bertrand and Martin van den Oever. The work was shown at the traveling exhibition ‘Chandigarh 40 ans après Le Corbusier’.
The newly produced film adaptation (2013) was selected for the Millenium Documentary Film Festival 2013  opening (April 26) at the CIVA exhibition Bruxelles: Le Corbusier and Photography. Construire l’image / Het beeld opbouwen.

A former version short film had a preview in Brussels in 2012 alongside the premiere of the longer film portrait of French-hungarian photographer Lucien Hervé by Gerrit Messiaen: “Lucien Hervé – Photographe malgré lui” (2012, 55’).

Chandigarh vu par Lucien Hervé (TRAILER) from Kinokast on Vimeo.

OV st EN


An image of architecture more…

Talks by master architect Jo Coenen with Breda CMD photography students. An image of architecture is filmed at his Amsterdam building the OBA (Public Library Amsterdam) for the library’s 5th year’s day.

OBA 2007-2012 Een beeld van architectuur – An image of architecture from Kinokast Bertrand & Günther on Vimeo.


Chandigarh vu par Lucien Hervé (installation)

Video and photography installation for the traveling exhibition ‘Chandigarh 40 years after Le Corbusier‘ co-directed with photographer Martin van den Oever. This publication of Architectura and Natura (Amsterdam) presents photographs of Chandigarh from Martin van den Oever and Evert Bloemsma taken during the 1990s on behalf of the traveling exhibition ‘Chandigarh 40 ans après Le Corbusier’.

Video-diaporama (synch)

City pulse
 (video installation)

Video  installation for the traveling exhibition ‘Chandigarh 40 years after Le Corbusier‘ including video footage of TUDelft students and showing vernicular scenes in and about Chandigarh in the 90ties.
Video montage for 12 monitors

Portrait of Chief architect of Chandigarh, Mr. O.P. Mehta

Video  for the traveling exhibition ‘Chandigarh 40 years after Le Corbusier‘ portraiting O.P. Mehta then the chief architect of the Indian city.

You raised yourself to heroism

Portrait of colonial Dutch Indies KNIL officer Jo Disse. The video traits the heroism of Mr Disse and let’s him show his cherished recollection in original pictures and fantastic stories. The stories recall 60 years of his life in Indonesia, from a successful merchant to a war hero for the British Empire (Decorated MBE) and thereafter, at the rise of a free Indonesia.

Black upon white

Portrait of starting Turkish novelist in Amsterdam, Sadik Yemni.

Concept, not produced

Het nieuw Rotterdam

Portrait of the city at the verge of growing into the Dutch megalo harbour city it is known today. Architecture at embryo level was treated as a residu of harbour labor and mutli-cultural sources of culture. Seen from the subjective eyes of a wandering art historician, Tito Cruls.

Ce qui a lieu c’est le lieu (Mallarmé)

‘That which takes place is the place (Mallarmé)’

Multi-modal and multi-media project created way before the multimedia integration into the computer machines happened. Used various techniques of film making and video, photography (mono and stereo, and panorama) and audio design. One of my graduating project at the Artez, Arnhem Hogeschool voor de kunsten, Holland. The project focussed on expressing visual language of French vernacular typography and aesthetics in general. A voyage to the source (in my native country and about Christmas time) to re-discover the limits and liberties of French graphic design origins. Searching the boundaries of ugliness as a visual concept.


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