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The name k i n o k a s t stems from a combination of: 

Kino (kine or kino, Greek-English prefix referring to motion), and Kast (meaning ‘closet’ or ‘cabinet’, in the Dutch language).

k i n o k a s t . o r g  is the official website of photographer and visual artist, documentary videographer and user interface designer Jerome Bertrand a.k.a Prosper Jerominus.
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A new website and a brand new logo!

September 2017 got me inspired to redesign the website and add a Shop. Of course this should come with a new logo. So here it is!

More versions of the  k i n o k a s t  Logo in this post

I am working on finalising details (visuals and functionality), so come later again!

Thanks for passing by.

Jerominus @ k i n o k a s t . o r g

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