ask[wAI] is a custom AI UX design coach designed for designers by designers. It is meticulously handcrafted, skillfully trained, affectionately curated, and whimsically hosted by The purpose of ask[wAI] is to support designers in their coaching needs with empathy, resolution, and design jest around the clock. It is best enjoyed with a touch of delightful sarcasm and a hint of self-irony, along with real in-person coaching. Access to ask[wAI] is free for my in-person coaching clients. Enjoy using ask[wAI] and beware of AI bias or inaccuracy – it’s not more and not less than a machine! Any resemblance to real persons or other real-life entities, past, present or in the future, is purely coincidental and fictitious. Disclaimers are available specifically for humans only.

Request a custom photo print



Request a custom photo print

Use the contact form below to request a custom photo print, a special framing or mounting or window mounting (if available for your desired print size).

Typically, the photo is not listed in the printshop but is already available as a digital photo at the digital catalog store

For custom photo prints please note that prices will be calculated per print case and typically need extra time to be produced to match the requirements.

All prices include VAT and standard shipping by theprintspace. No framing nor window mounting included unless purchased separately. We can take care of the total order including the framing and window mounting by theprintspace when requested and ordered in time, provided it is available for your desired end print size.

Please add your requirements below in the field ‘My questions and comments’. I will come back to you as soon as possible to help you navigate the framing and mounting options available. Meanwhile, get more information directly from theprintspace: here (framing) and here (mounting)

Please take into account that we will need a few days to allow for the professional work and magic to happen before the print is available. Thank you for trusting our work!

Please let us know if there is anything we can help you with, here

Order prints exclusively via

All payments for prints are securely handled by Shopify (including shipping and refunds).

theprintspace takes care of all further print fulfilment and shipping. Please read their Terms and Conditions before ordering, here

From production through to delivery, your order’s carbon footprint is offset using The Gold Standard offset program.


More on Ordering a print online, here

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