Purchase Contract 2017-2018



Purchase Contract

Purchase Contract contains the two following pages.

Date of Contract:


Customer/ Client

Please agree to the Terms below.


First Name and Surname:


Home or Postal address, and Signature:




Seller/ Provider: Kinokast/Prosper Jerominus

First Name and Surname:


Home or Business address, and Signature:




Physical Products

Please Fill, Print, Date and Sign this document General Terms and Conditions 2017-2018. Then scan it and return it to the Provider/ Seller's address, duly dated and signed, to fulfil your Contract with Kinokast/ Prosper Jerominus for purchasing physical materials (e.g. Paper Prints, physical visual artifacts/ products, Paintings).

Downloadable Products

All online virtual Products (Downloadable products/ materials or services) on the website includes signing the Terms and Conditions documentation electronically (Checking the box) as indicated on the Shop's Checkout page and prior to clicking on the Button "Place the Order, Proceed to PayPal", or "Continue the Payment". These Short Terms and Conditions are also available on the page: Terms and Conditions for purchase (short version).

Postal Address:
Kennemerboulevard 540, 1976 IJmuiden
The Netherlands


Local VAT (GST)



We are required to collect VAT (GST) on all digital purchases made from customers in the EU. If you are a VAT registered business, VAT will be deducted once a valid VAT number has been entered.

All Prices are excluding your local VAT (GST) and will be calculated according to your Country of Purchase specific Rate after you completed your online Order. Therefore the Prices indicated in the Shop are VAT (GST) tax excluded and will differ from the final Price which will be billed to you at the end. The difference is for all European countries about 20%.

For example the current VAT Rate in Germany is 19% (this comes above the Prices indicated on the website). Other Purchase Countries may have different VAT (GST) Rates (depending of your official Country of Purchase and Reduced Rate or Standard Rate).

Your final Purchase will always be effective after the Final Price including your local VAT (GST) for your particular Rate has been paid. The Final Price is not known automatically beforehand. Apply a local Reduced Rate when available in your country of purchase, this will make the Purchase much cheaper (European Reduced VAT Rates are typically about 6% instead of 20% for the Standard Rate).

The applicable VAT (GST) tax will be calculated and billed to you after you have placed the order, and needs to be received by the Seller in Full to complete the Full Payment for your item's Purchase.

There is no Refund available before all funds including your applicable local VAT/ GST have been received by the Provider/ Seller.

Additionally, please read and agree to the Terms and Conditions (Short version) before placing your online order at checkout.