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Serie Portraits, People and Political

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Serie Portrait, People & Political

People in their context and habitat forge a random fabric that underpins or defines my work.
The serie presents portraits of not so famous people and some of certain notoriety – where context always prevails.

I have had the luck to work with French-Hungarian photographer Lucien Hervé (Budapest 1910 – Paris 2007) from 1993. The great architecture photographer shared work and life with his friend Le Corbusier.

Watch our Documentary film “Chandigarh 40 years after Le Corbusier’ in the Video section

This Serie of Portrait Photography is being updated with new photos regularly. Please contact me  here  for more information.

Photos below

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Portraits of Lucien Hervé (France)

Lucien Hervé (Budapest 1910 – Paris 2007), French-Hungarian Architecture Photographer, life-time photographer of Swiss Architect Le Corbusier.

Lucien Hervé’s official website: More on the photographer Lucien Hervé, here and here (Wikipedia)

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Portrait of Álvaro Siza Vieira, Architect (Portugal)

Couvent de la Tourette, 1989

More on the Portuguese architect Álvaro Siza Vieira on Wikipedia

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