Serie Netherlands Architecture

Serie Dutch Architecture

Architecture in The Netherlands has a long tradition of modernism and formal experiment that keeps fascinating me.

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Explore Photos of Architecture in The Netherlands below.


Serie Netherlands Architecture

Other  Photo Series 



Other  Photo Series 


Dutch Architects


 Jan Duiker Serie 

Zonnestraal Sanatorium (estate)
Hilversum, Netherlands
Architect Jan Duiker, Bijvoet

More on  Zonnestraal  on Wikipedia

Jan Duiker Dutch Architect 1890 – 1935
Jan Duiker
(1890 – 1935)




Other  Photo Series 



Dutch Architect


 Jo Coenen Architects 

OBA Public Library
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Jo Coenen  & Co Architekten 

More on the  OBA Architectural Project 

Watch a  video Interview with architect Jo Coenen  with my Photography students (Breda University, Netherlands, 2005)




Other  Photo Series 



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