Serie La Tourette


Couvent Sainte Marie de La Tourette

The Couvent de La Tourette is a Dominican Order near Lyon.
Le CorbusierIannis XenakisAndré Wogenscky  architects
UNESCO World Heritage Sites (in 2016)

More on the Couvent de la Tourette. Also on Wikipedia, here


A visit of Le Couvent de La Tourette

‘Architectural visit’ guided by Architect Bernard Huet, 1992


More on architect Bernard Huet, here


Read more on visits by Bernard Huet

La Fondation Le Corbusier, here

Massilia 2011. Annuaire d’études corbuséennes
Fondation Le Corbusier, Paris
Éditions Imbernon, Marseille, 2011
ISBN : 978-2-919230-037

 Reader about a study project with my Photography students: ‘Timeless photography’




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