Serie Copenhagen Architecture

Serie Copenhagen Architecture & People


Architecture in Copenhagen, Denmark, is full of great experiences, small and huge. As in 2018, the Scandinavian City is already at the verge of a profound urban transformation – architecturally and socially.

As of August 1st, 2018, Denmark passes a new law banning burqa and niqab as society seems to harden toward the Right. Campaigners say ban violates rights to freedom of expression and religion.

The Copenhagen Serie shows some world famous architecture, housing projects and (traditional or new) urban spaces as well everyday people (and many tourists) in a indeed very hot summer to spur the scent of Scandinavian magic mix of social tradition and (post-) modernity.

The Serie is being updated with new photos regularly. Please contact me  here  for more information.


Photos below


Other  Photo Series 



Other  Photo Series 

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