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All photograhy copyrighted by Prosper Jerominus © 1993-2018

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A fast alternative is to Buy a Photo directly from the Shop or any other place in the website where you see Photos (when they are for Sale).

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3 People – Piétinements Photography – Mixed Media Print Long format [211cm x 36cm] 




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Print Quality 1 . Professional Printer (A1/ 240 dpi)

Digital Photo for Professional quality Publication and /or for a High Quality Exhibition Printer, at Regular Price:


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Digital Photo in Home/ Office Printer quality resolution in 240dpi, at a Reduced Price:


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Photos at Reduced Price

(Almost All) Digital Photographs are available for the Reduced Price of € 35,00 *

* This Reduced Price of € 35,00 applies exclusively to Digital Photographs in Print Quality 2. Home/ Office (Print resolution 240dpi).
No Paper Print is included: the files are delivered only as a Downloadable file (via this Website) and/ or via the Email you have entered at the Shops’ Checkout page when ordering the item.

All Prices indicated are local VAT (GST) taxes included.

You save € 240,00 per Photograph when you order it in the Print Quality 2. Home/ Office instead of the normal Regular Price in Print Quality 1. Professional of € 275,00 (Professional Quality Digital photograph).

How to Buy now at Reduced Price?

Choose from the Photo Gallery above. Fill the exact Photograph’s name at Checkout or here and Order it online here.

Add any Coupon you may have at Checkout.

 231,09  29,41 (inc. VAT)Add to cart


Please give the Full Photo Name at Checkout in your ‘Order Notes’ (in the field at the bottom of Checkout page: ‘Additional Information’). With no name, we can’t process your request.




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All photograhy is copyrighted © Prosper Jerominus 1993-2018

  Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License 

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