‘Blanc 1’ (unicum) ID: 153275

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Purchase this unique Painting: ‘Blanc 1’ [gallery type="thumbnails" size="full" columns="1" ids="153258"] This Painting is part of a large ensemble, or set called ‘Blancs 12345’. Each of the 5 Paintings forming the set is a Unique unit and can be bought separately from the rest in the set. How To Proceed to Payment and complete the Purchase?…

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How To Proceed to Payment and complete the Purchase?

The Order will not be completed before the Purchase and Full Payment is received (before any Discount’s Expiration Date, when applicable), before The Terms and Conditions have been accepted by the Buyer (online at Purchase AND offline later, by signed SALE contract ‘Full Terms and Conditions for Purchase’). The ‘signed contract ‘Full Terms and Conditions for Purchase’ will act as a Sale contract for the item(s). All prices mentioned are EU VAT (GST) Included, unless specified otherwise.

Purchase the Set (5 Paintings at once) instead?

The complete set ‘Blancs 12345’ can also be purchased at once and only once (provided none of the 5 paintings in the set was Sold earlier/ e.g. ‘Out of Stock’). The set of 5 paintings ‘Blancs 12345’ benefits a Normal Fixed Discount of € 750.

Get the complete ‘Blancs 12345’ in one Purchase Order, here:

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15% Summer 2017 Discount for ‘Blancs 12345’

Discount expires: 15 September 2017
Apply the Coupon: ‘bl12345 ‘

for an additional Special Summer 2017 Discount of 15% for ‘Blancs 12345’

Description of  ‘Blancs 12345’

The 5 Paintings 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 form 1 Complete Painting and can hang separately in any possible arrangement or different spots, either in vertical and horizontal orientation to suit your preference. Note that NO Framing is included to leave you totally free to arrange and frame the Paintings according to your personal preferences.

Purchase the unique Painting: ‘Blanc 1’ now

 1.750,00 (inc. VAT)Add to cart

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Dimensions 250 × 51 × 3 cm

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'Blanc 1' (unicum) ID: 153275

 1.750,00 (inc. VAT)