ask[wAI] is a custom AI UX design coach designed for designers by designers. It is meticulously handcrafted, skillfully trained, affectionately curated, and whimsically hosted by The purpose of ask[wAI] is to support designers in their coaching needs with empathy, resolution, and design jest around the clock. It is best enjoyed with a touch of delightful sarcasm and a hint of self-irony, along with real in-person coaching. Access to ask[wAI] is free for my in-person coaching clients. Enjoy using ask[wAI] and beware of AI bias or inaccuracy – it’s not more and not less than a machine! Any resemblance to real persons or other real-life entities, past, present or in the future, is purely coincidental and fictitious. Disclaimers are available specifically for humans only.

ask[wAI] is better than never

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ask[wai] is a radically ethical AI UX design coaching support

a friendly conversational bot aligned, trained & curated with my coaching values and professional UX design experience, 24/7.
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free for my UX design coaching clients

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Effective in-person UX design coaching

Helping professional creatives reflect upon life and work or sharpen their skills and design acumen is part of what I do for my in-person coaching clients on a daily basis.
If you need a coaching partner, I offer a free one-hour in-person introductory session to discover what we might accomplish together.
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→ Included with all coaching subscriptions is free access to your 24/7 ask[wAI] design coach, a fresh and radically ethical AI UX design coaching support chatbot that helps me help you.

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All sessions are planned and run remotely via the video meeting app: (or Zoom/ Google meet). You have Free access to the online ask[wAI] chatbot coaching support.

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Use the coaching support bot ask[wAI] for:

Preparing your next coaching session’s themes, questions or reflections?
Sharing your progress’s insights and ask more to ask[wAI]?

→ . . . you fill in . . .

Note: This will not replace but rather complement my in-person coaching on a 24/7 basis and with no time-slot limitations (great for everyone).

Example of conversational skills and design knowledge, ask[wAI], below.

ask[wAI] (the AI chatbot) is permanently updated and curated especially for UX designers & product designers that are *avid to learn, curious by nature and critical*.

Made with love and care by designers for designers to support the development of your creative design practice and strong human ethics.

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Test your input and comments! They are priceless for AI to get a hang of what it is to mimic supportive humans, with inclusive values, insights and reason.

Introduction : why ask[wAI]? (2

Disclaimer: Smile and learn, self-humor needed. 

=> Read more below what Jakob Nielsen has to say about the future of AI-design jobs...

Let's go:

ask[wAI] complements your in-person human user experience design mentor or design coach by offering a little extra oomph. Need resources? Boom, we got 'em. Inspiration strikes at 3 a.m.? No worries, ask[wAI]'s here. 

Picture having a AI UX design near-expert coach that's always at your beck and call, regardless of time or place. It's like having a personal aid sergeant in your pocket, except less creepy and more helpful.

ask[wAI] Key Features (drumroll, please):

1. AI-Powered Guidance: Unleash the mind-blowing power of AI technology for personalized ux design mentorship that's practically psychic.

2. Continuous Learning: Expand your brain with a treasure trove of resources and insights curated by ask[wAI].

3. Flexible and Convenient: Time zones? Psh, who needs 'em? Access ask[wAI] anytime, anywhere, and conquer the world in your pajamas.

4. Enhanced Creativity: Ignite your creative inferno with the unbridled support and inspiration of ask[wAI].

Helping professional creatives reflect upon and sharpen their life/work skills and design acumen is a part of what I do for my coaching clients. If you need a coaching partner, I offer a free one-hour introductory session to discover what we might accomplish together.
Plan your session now via this website or book directly my calendar 

ask[wAI], your AI-powered "co-pilot" for UX/UI & product design coaching with a zest of healthy sarcasm. Strap in for a wild ride! 

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ask[wAI] AI UX chatbot is crafted and hosted with love by  k i n o k a s t . o r g

my *AI-free* art photography

Explore my analog and digital art photography => Non-Ai work

Historical Museum, Berlin I.M.Pei architect

Soft tone in soft stone – I. M. Pei architects 2016 – German Historical Museum, Berlin – Print Canson Baryta

Lucien Hervé, Paris. © 1995 Jerominus.
Lucien Hervé, photographer. Paris, 1996.

Working with Lucien Herve – All on the table 1 – Limited edition (1-10) – C-type Fudji Matt

Holocaust memorial Berlin

Undulating stelae for Dima – white – negative-positive – Holocaust memorial Berlin – Limited edition (1-10) – Print on Canson Baryta – Frame black

Light Art nouveau patterns

Envolee – Vitrails interieurs, Prague 2022 – Print, framed on Canson Baryta – Limited edition (1-4)


Sel et fleur de ciel #1 – Guerande – Limited edition (1-6) – Print C-type Fudji Matt

Berlin museum architecture

2 – Selfie democracy – Color v2 (etain)

Prague architecture

Parallax bubbles – Blind image stitching – Full color 1 – Line A Metro Station in Prague – Jaroslav Otruba architect, 1979, Prague Metro – Based on Jiří Rathouský – Limited edition (1-4) – Print on Giclee Canson Baryta Glosson Baryta Gloss

Art prints are dated and signed personally by the artist in limited edition on high quality museum-grade archival paper with framing options.

Free drop-shipping in the EEA (EU countries + Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway).

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Your photographic prints are crafted with utmost care on museum-grade high quality papers in a range of affordable printing options, prices, various sizes and color options. 

Prints in Limited editions are signed by the artist and delivered with a verified Certificate of Authenticity.

All online prints orders are shipped FREE to the UK and EEA countries directly from our exclusive printing hub partner in London (UK) and Düsseldorf (Germany): theprintspace

Castle wall

Nail in the Prague castle wall
Print: C-type Fudji Matt
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Couvent de La Tourette, France
Le Corbusier, Iannis Xenakis, architects 1959.

Triple façades intérieures – La tourette France –
Le Cobusier, Iannis Xenakis architects 1959 –
Limited edition (1-8) – C-type Fudji Gloss
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Universal Dresden One – passing Central station
Norman Foster architects, 2006

Universal Dresden One – passing Central station – Limited edition (1-10) – Print Hahnemuhle Photo rag
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Pink moon

Pink moon – OBI Market building Berlin
color 2 – C-type Fudi Matt
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wunter Sculpture – Liana Nakashidze, Germany

wunter Sculpture – Liana Nakashidze, Germany
Ceramic on Ceramic – bw Darker – Limited edition (1-6) – Print Canson Baryta
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AI-design urgency

Jakob Nielsen on AI-design urgency for all ux designers – July 2023 Below is an…

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