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Mentoring The Mentor in You.

Start-off in two ways ⥂

Blend the experience of a personal UX Design coach with the convenience of AI assistance for a well-rounded UX design mentorship & learning experience. Follow the Story here

This dual approach will enhance your fun and understanding, making your continuous learning journey both effective and enjoyable!

Imagine AI UX mentorship

➔ 1. Choose a personal UX Design Mentor for:

Set Clear Goals: Break down big goals into smaller steps.

Practical Tips:
Use your mentor’s experience for shortcuts and insights.

Simple Language:
Ask for explanations in everyday language.

Real-Life Examples:
Learn from your mentor’s real-world experiences.

➔ 2. Select a AI Assistant for your Continuous Learning for:

Tailored Responses: Communicate your needs to get relevant AI UX design advice.

Interactive Learning:
Use Q&A sessions for quick understanding.

Ask the AI to explain concepts through engaging stories.

24/7 Availability:
Use AI for constant learning support.

➔ 1.
UX Design mentorship

➔ 2.


UX Design assistance



Combining Both Approaches:

Integrate Insights:
Discuss AI findings with your human mentor.

Feedback Loop:
Use your mentor’s feedback to guide more AI interactions.

Authentic Insights about your
UX Design Process, Product design trade-offs, Designers’ Journeys pitfalls, and so much more…

For us designers of digital product experiences, the promise—and peril—of artificial intelligence is everywhere, especially in the user experience, design, and research worlds. Depending on who you’re reading and when (hahaha..), it’s either going to make our jobs easier than ever…or replace us entirely, spitting the kern out.

Now, where were we? Ah, yes, embracing chaos and challenging norms – because if life isn’t a rollercoaster of unexpected twists and ironic turns, are you even living?

Let’s not forget the all-important rule: “Be different.” Because nothing says ‘unique’ like doing exactly what every self-help book has been preaching for decades. It’s like being a snowflake in a blizzard of individuality – totally stand-out!

And remember, in this wonderfully satirical journey towards experience greatness, every misstep is a dance move, every setback a plot twist. The world is your stage with several levels and depths, and you’re the lead actor in a comedy of errors – or triumphs, depending on the day.

So, keep challenging, keep questioning, ask why, and above all, keep laughing – especially at yourself. Because in the grand, quirky play of life, a sense of humor is the best script you can write. And who knows? In this satirical saga, you just might stumble upon your own brand of extraordinary.
Or at the very least, have a good chuckle along the way.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to shake things up and ignite the fire within you. Embrace the thrill of the unknown and redefine what’s possible. The choice is yours. Will you settle for ordinary or will you embark on an extraordinary AI UX Design journey? The choice is clear. Let greatness fly over you anyway!

UX Design Mentor GPT &
Authentic Insights:
More than Just AI

(coming Soon)

UX Design Assistant PRO  (coming soon… stay put!)
will involve and include
my in-person, professional
AI UX Design Mentorship.

One price

You get both services for one price.
It is that simple to start-off.

7-days Free Trial. Cancel Anytime. No Questions Asked.

Get a tast: test the Free ask[wAI] – Student

(OpenAI, ChatGPT Plus IS required, not free)

Imagine a new
AI UX mentorship model

Imagine ask\wAI as your digital mentor Assistant in the ethical UX Design realm, igniting the guiding spirit within you.

It’s not just about finding answers; it’s about sparking the right questions, especially for those working in Technology, the Arts and Sciences – yes the young start-ups and longer-time true innovation-hungry designers as well.

Whether you’re a seasoned UX designer or researcher pro genius or a healthy student exploring design’s frontiers, ask\wAI adapts its sage-like guidance to your level of engagement, nurturing your inner mentor.
Using the Socratic method, ask\wAI challenges you to think deeper, encouraging reflection and innovation in your design journey.

It’s a unique blend of AI intelligence and human creativity, a tool not just for learning but for self-discovery and growth in UX design.

So, as you navigate the intersecting paths of technology, art, science, and UX, let the UX Design Assistant AI ask\wAI be your guiding light, helping you mentor yourself to new heights of understanding and creativity.

(Open AI ChatGPT Plus required, not free)

ask\wAI – PRO, GPT or Student?

ask what and why?


ask\wAI is a user friendly conversational AI Assistant and chatbot that is trained to assist you with coaching UX design – with a smile.

With years of mentoring experience and expertise in soundproof professional UX design and research, ask\wAI is available 24/7 and can support you in multiple languages.

While the ask\wAI chatbot on this website is free (go test thye blue icon below to the left), ask[wAI] Plans in UX design Human coaching as well as the new ask\wAI AI UX Design Assistant Pro are not (that is = not free).

Check Subscriptions available

The ask\wAI – Assistant Pro is coming soon

The ask[wAI] – Student is radically free. Test LIVE demo!

Thanks to our friends at – you may need to add credit to their service.

A quick visual Story💡

1. UX Jargon Buster?

Ever feel like UX jargon is an alien language? ask\wAI translates it into human speak, making terms like “heuristic evaluation” sound less like rocket science and more like a fun quiz night topic.

DALL·E (Certified AI)! – A colourful, authoritative illustration depicting a human UX designer and a AI chatbot in a mentoring session.

DALL·E - A colourful, authoritative illustration depicting a human UX designer and an AI chatbot in a mentoring session. Set in a dynamic office environment.
© prosper jerominus 2023

2. AI Ethics Oracle?

Wondering if your AI design might incidentally take over the world? ask\wAI is your go-to oracle, offering ethical insights with a wink and a nudge, ensuring your dialogue are more helpful assistant and less robot.

DALL·E (Certified AI)! – A black and white, satirical illustration featuring a female UX designer and an AI chatbot in a mentoring session. The scene unfolds in a whimsical landscape.

© prosper jerominus 2023

3. UX Design Therapist?

Hit a creative block? ask\wAI doubles as your design therapist, listening to your designer’s X (not Elon’s) woes and offering solutions with a virtual cup of empathy – no sugar needed.

DALL·E (Certified AI)! – Create a minimalistic, high-resolution (300 dpi) image in black and white, featuring an art academy setting with Bauhaus-inspired design elements.

© prosper jerominus 2023

4. The Trend Whisperer?

Keeping up with UX trends can be like chasing a hyperactive squirrel. ask\wAI not only keeps up but also whispers these trends to you, minus the breathless chase.

DALL·E (Certified AI)! – Create an- abstract black and white image symbolizing the concept of Mentoring the Mentor in Me. The design should illustrate the cyclical and evolving character of any creative experience.

© prosper jerominus 2023

5. UX Design Critique?

Need feedback on your design? ask\wAI delivers critiques with just the right amount of insolence, ensuring you never get too comfortable but always stay on-the-move.

Combine AI’s knowledge with my (Human in-person) Coaching Plans for free (one-only subscription).

DALL·E (Certified AI)! – Create an image that humorously and satirically depicts UX designers and researchers as students in learning about the User-Centered Design (UCD) process.
NB. Notice in this DALL-E AI Certified image below, women are more than under-represented as they are probably not stupid enough to take part of this UX-orgy scenario (?).

© prosper jerominus 2023

6. The Networking Matchmaker?

ask\wAI plays matchmaker in the UX community, connecting you with fellow designers. Think of it as a less awkward, more harmonious version of speed dating with – beware, quite a bit of Gender bias here!

DALL·E – A large fresco in black and white embracing the theme Mentoring the Mentor in You with an ironic twist.

© prosper jerominus 2023

7. The more inclusive, Matchmaker?

DALL·E (Certified AI)! – A refined and elegant illustration in very soft colours, enhancing the theme ‘Mentoring the Mentor in You’ with a lesser bias for beards. This version is more inclusive albeit a tiny bit naive…

© prosper jerominus 2023

In essence, ask\wAI is more than a nice chatting chatbot.

It’s the mentor you never knew you were: You.


Are you ready to delve into the creative world of ask\wAI?

Brace yourself for an AI UX design Assistants and coaching companion GPTs that’s jam-packed with some of the latest and smartest content for UX designers, researchers, and product designers.

This AI companion is tailor-made for those of you who are insatiably curious, dangerously inquisitive, and just a tad bit too critical.

Get ready to smile, learn, and maybe even question the real designer in you.

A newly overloaded information mural with an after taste of information déjà vu?

DALL·E (Certified AI)! – A modern fresco with an ironic twist focusing less on complex technology and more on human nature inclusivity and empathy.

© prosper jerominus 2023

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Decoding some hypes about AI for UX design

So, you’ve stumbled upon the anagram ask\wAI or ask[wAI]? What’s the buzz all about, and does this AI design companion chatbot live up to the hype? Let’s dive deep into the digital rabbit hole and critically dissect the ask[wAI] or even worse, the ask\wAI, claims.

ask[wAI] UX design Mentor

My UX design coaching

Are you interested in a 1-on-1, individual, longer term mentorship-relationship?

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Helping professional creatives reflect upon life and work or sharpen their skills and design acumen is part of what I do for my in-person coaching clients on a daily basis.

If you need a coaching or mentoring partner, I offer a free one-hour in-person introductory session to discover what we might accomplish together.

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Photo credit: Prosper Jerominus © 2022 (Certified AI-free photography)

ask[wAI](beta), your AI companion or co-pilot for UX/UI & product design coaching with a zest of healthy humor. Strap in for a wild ride! 

Read the Launching blog

ask[wAI] is a AI UX chatGPT bot crafted, curated and hosted with love by Jerome Philippe Bertrand,
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my *AI-free* art photography

Explore my analog and digital art photography => Non-Ai (or just Certified AI-free)

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Historical Museum, Berlin I.M.Pei architect

Soft tone in soft stone – I. M. Pei architects 2016 – German Historical Museum, Berlin – Print Canson Baryta

Lucien Hervé, Paris. © 1995 Jerominus.
Lucien Hervé, photographer. Paris, 1996.

Working with Lucien Herve – All on the table 1 – Limited edition (1-10) – C-type Fudji Matt

Holocaust memorial Berlin

Undulating stelae for Dima – white – negative-positive – Holocaust memorial Berlin – Limited edition (1-10) – Print on Canson Baryta – Frame black

Light Art nouveau patterns

Envolee – Vitrails interieurs, Prague 2022 – Print, framed on Canson Baryta – Limited edition (1-4)


Sel et fleur de ciel #1 – Guerande – Limited edition (1-6) – Print C-type Fudji Matt

Berlin museum architecture

2 – Selfie democracy – Color v2 (etain)

Prague architecture

Parallax bubbles – Blind image stitching – Full color 1 – Line A Metro Station in Prague – Jaroslav Otruba architect, 1979, Prague Metro – Based on Jiří Rathouský – Limited edition (1-4) – Print on Giclee Canson Baryta Glosson Baryta Gloss

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Castle wall

Nail in the Prague castle wall
Print: C-type Fudji Matt
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Couvent de La Tourette, France
Le Corbusier, Iannis Xenakis, architects 1959.

Triple façades intérieures – La tourette France –
Le Corbusier, Iannis Xenakis architects 1959 –
Limited edition (1-8) – C-type Fudji Gloss
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Universal Dresden One – passing Central station
Norman Foster architects, 2006

Universal Dresden One – passing Central station – Limited edition (1-10) – Print Hahnemuhle Photo rag
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Pink moon

Pink moon – OBI Market building Berlin
color 2 – C-type Fudi Matt
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wunter Sculpture – Liana Nakashidze, Germany

wunter Sculpture – Liana Nakashidze, Germany
Ceramic on Ceramic – bw Darker – Limited edition (1-6) – Print Canson Baryta
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AI-design urgency

Jakob Nielsen on AI-design urgency for all ux designers – July 2023 Below is an…

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